When you are not guaranteed by guarantee?

There was an article on some alternative investment in the papers recently. It offers two guarantees to the product. Firstly, it guarantees a 15%p.a. This is seriously good stuff!!! When most sovereign funds struggle to return a double-digit growth consistently and our funds in CPF gives a guarantees a max of 4.5% p.a (T&C apply),… Read More

Commentary – Japanese Crisis

 As we pray for the nation, we are also concern about how it affects our investment. Here’s an investment commentary on the Japanese crisis by my company. I believe it is the first commentary from an Independent Financial Advisory firm since the crisis. FPF Commentary – Japanese Crisis

Elephants never forget

If the phrase ‘Elephants never forget’ is a maths equation than it equals to ‘Human never learn’. When things sounds too good to be true then its likely too good to be true. However, humans never learn from it. From the internet scams to Lehman Brothers Bonds. The recent Sunshine Empire where the investors gets… Read More